After taking piano lessons at age 12 and becoming disinterested in learning tunes like 'Oats and Beans' and 'Barley Grow' from the standard piano song books provided, Ross took a few years away from music. At 14 he decided to give it another try, picking up a guitar and teacher that knew what he wanted to learn — rock and roll.


Many hours of his teen nights were spent tirelessly raising and dropping the needle on his favourite rock albums while playing along with his electric guitar. His fathers' friend made him a box that allowed him to hear the vinyl on one side of his headphones and his guitar on the other. That was 1980. It was magical. An hour would turn into three. Soon he was ready for the 'Hair Band' circuit of Northern Alberta. Ah 1983 and so many clubs to play.

After a year of the northern lights, he graduated to the 'A' circuit of Western Canadian nightclubs and bars, dropping the guitar and fronting bands with wild abandon. Armed with a wireless microphone and a follow spot operator, no one, including his own crew and bandmates , knew what he would say or do next. It was 'live' entertainment.

After four more years of playing in cover bands, the bar circuit had run its course. It was time explore his own sound — off road. 

Working seasonally in TV and Film Ross had time to write more of his own music. His voice and his style appeared. Recording grants from FACTOR and the ALBERTA MUSIC PROJECT appeared. He moved to Vancouver and a recording studio appeared.


Ross worked for the next few years with Producer/engineer Ken Burke (Moist, Raffi, Terry Jacks) and in 1998 his first CD ‘Biting The Hand’ was born.


With a stack of rejection letters from industry labels in the trash,

he packed a few hundred CD's in a back pack and embarked on his own private world tour; mountain villages in the Himalaya, rooftops in Jerusalem, beaches in SE Asia, and the streets of London. Wherever people saw him carrying his guitar and asked - he played.

In 2007 out of a longing for more passion in his life a music charity was born. Music Seeds International (MSI). Through MSI Ross has been helping kids around the world create their own songs and videos since 2007. It is a major part of his musical journey and one that continues to this day. Be a part of it at:


Inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Sting, and John Mayer, Ross has an authentic sound that imitates none of the above. 'Life in a Spiral' and his debut 'Biting the Hand' are timeless albums that could be released in any decade.


Thought provoking lyrics about love and life filled with metaphors and melodies that make listening a journey. Put on some headphones and go for a ride. Listen to music.